Not so Insignificant

Today I learned of the passing of my elementary school crossing guard. Although I graduated nearly 6 years ago, I still remember what a lovely man he was. I used to work in the office and he’d come in each day at the same time to get his mail with a warm smile on his face. Though it was a small part of my day, I still remember it years later. It’s amazing the impact people can have on your life, no matter how small.

A crossing guard may seem like something insignificant, but his role in our community was huge. He kept us all safe on our way home from school and provided us with endless kindness. That was invaluable. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, his presence had an impact on my life.

This got me thinking about the impact we all can have on someone’s life. Simply smiling at someone or giving them a compliment can change their day, or life. Years later, they may look back and remember your kindness, even if you don’t.

We see so many people in our daily lives that we probably don’t even notice. There’s the man at the subway booth, the lady who works at your local McDonalds, the preacher on the corner; people who go overlooked. Imagine what could happen if you smiled at them, or even stopped to chat. It could change the course or their day, or yours. A little kindness can go a long way!

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